Is the reporting in real time? Is there any delay in reporting?
Reporting is in real time. Real-time reporting is essential in paid & organic campaigns, visits must be reported in real-time. You can view campaign analytics data, hits breakdown such as ISP, region, country, browser, etc.
What traffic does Cloakok blocks?
Traffic blocked includes bots & crawlers, traffic identified with Datacentres, Hosting & VPS servers, VPN, proxies, satellite providers, cloud IPs providers and many more.
Does Cloakok supports all countries and devices?
Yes. You can run mobile campaigns with our platform pretty easily and can set device filters for each campaign as well. You can target any country you want or several countries per campaign. Countries out of your targeting will be blocked.
Does Cloakok allows integration with 3rd party tracking platform, like Voluum, Adsbridge, CPVLab?
Yes, you can easily integrate any tracker that is based on dynamic parameters passing with our platform (like: Voluum, Prosper, Cpvlab).
How often does the platform get updated?
IP and other fingerprints database is updated on a daily basis. As our client, you will not pay extra for any added feature and/or updates we implement every now and then.
What are the accepted payment methods?
Currently, we accept Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill, Credit Cards & Bank Wires.
Can I upgrade my package anytime?
Yes, upgrading can be done anytime. In case you want to upgrade your package mid of the month, please contact our support.
What kind of support do you offer?
We treat our clients very personally and provides as much support as possible. Once you become our client, you will enjoy live support via Skype/email support & guidance.
What do I need to do to get started?
You will have to apply to our service by filling out the contact form. Once approved, you will get all the data by our support team.